Pallavi Guptaa started out with a Masters degree in French literature but went on to work as journalist, a columnist, a travel writer and a television anchor for a travel show. She has published three non-fiction books:

  • When the Porridge Overflows, a top-selling book of perceptive vignettes based on her observation of life.
  • You, a best-selling coffee-table book of images and words that speaks of the ultimate possibility of the spiritual master.
  • Yagna, an offering of poems that expresses her own spiritual journey and gratitude to her spiritual teacher.

She is currently working on her next book, a non-fiction, based on the study of her life experience. Having had to give up her advancing career in writing due to a debilitating condition, she returns not only as a writer but also as an artist after immersing herself into the path of yoga for twelve years, under the guidance of her spiritual master.

With no formal training in painting, she began painting one day when her energies rose to blissful heights and found an expression.

Her paintings bear a mystical quality that expresses her journey within. They are now represented by a leading art house in Mumbai.