Pallavi Guptaa

Pallavi Guptaa has been a journalist, a columnist, a travel writer and a television anchor for a travel show. She has two published non-fiction books titled 'When the Porridge Overflows' and 'You'. Her formal education equips her with a Master's degree in French literature. She writes poetry in English and in French and has recently started to paint. Having had to give up her advancing career in writing due to a debilitating condition a decade ago, she now returns with a new learning from her life experiences generated from her personal process of healing.

Pallavi embraced the traditional path of yoga and spirituality in India in order to heal herself. She threw herself into the intense practice of kriya yoga to discover for herself the true value of yogic science not prescribed by religion or education. She relates to the commercial and inner world alike and lives as a modern day yogini.

With absolutely no background in painting, she began to paint last year when her energies rose to blissful heights and found expression in colors. Her paintings, which carry a mystical quality, are an expression of her experience with energy, especially that of the feminine.