Writing is fundamental to what I do. It is the extension of my atypical life. It is the culmination of experience itself. The writing on this space is a result of what I have learnt so far and the expression I have found through it. It is in this sharing, in this connection, that I find the thread of oneness that strings me with you.

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Being a regular practitioner of Kriya yoga over the years, my paintings manifest when a massive surge of energy within finds an exit. They flow till I empty completely without the presence of time or thought. They seek to express and extend the truth of my experience of this existence.

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Pallavi Guptaa

Pallavi Guptaa has been a journalist, a columnist, a travel writer and a television anchor for a travel show. She has two published non-fiction books titled 'When the Porridge Overflows' and 'You'. Her formal education equips her with a Master's degree in French literature. She writes poetry in English and in French and has recently started to paint. Having had to give up her advancing career in writing due to a debilitating condition a decade ago, she now returns with a new learning from her life experiences generated from her personal process of healing.

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